1. Why should I choose Neokem Powder coatings?

  • Consistency. All the powder coatings are produced in one big factory, ensuring the consistency of the quality.
  • Performance. All the products are designed, to offer optimum performance during the application process.
  • Economy. Neokem powder coatings are economical, and affordable. They have been especially designed to offer excellent aesthetics, a very high utilization rate, functionality and durability.
  • Assortment. A wide range of Technologies, Shades, Surfaces, Gloss Levels. Covering almost every major application.
  • Service. A wide network of Group Companies, and Sales Partners. Neokem has an extensive sales network, we keep in stock and deliver, our wide range of powder coatings in many countries. Our Subsidiaries and Sales partners provide consulting, marketing and technical support to our esteemed clientele.
  • Innovation. Unique and Innovative Powder Coatings, Prisma and Industrial Design Collections.

2. What are the advantages of Powder Coatings?

  • Environmentaly friendly, because of the near zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) Powder coatings are free from solvents.
  • Economy. We can use the over sprayed material, minimizing the waste.
  • Variety of Technologies, Shades, Surfaces, Gloss.
  • Wide range of Applications.

3. Where can I find Neokem Powder Coatings?

Neokem has a wide network of Subsidiaries and Sales Partners willing to support you, and offer the required advice on how to choose the right product for your application.

4. Where are Neokem powder coatings produced?

We say “one Factory one Quality”. It is our choice, to produce everything in one big factory, located just 7 minutes away from the International Airport in Athens. This is the way that we ensure Innovation, Consistency and Availability.

5. What are the main Specifications that Neokem Powder Coatings have?

All the powder coatings for Architectural Applications meet Qualicoat and G.S.B. Specifications.

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6. What are the main applications of Neokem powder coatings?

We are developing and producing powder coatings for almost every major application.

Powder coatings are applied to architectural items and to a variety of metal items such as refrigerators, washing machines, selves, radiators and railing systems.

7. Where can I find Neokem color charts?

Neokem has established a wide network of Subsidiaries and Sales partners.

Please contact the Partner who is located in your country. Our Partners will be eager to collaborate with you.

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8. What are the major references of Neokem?

Neokem is in the powder coatings business since 1986.

Because of our long and active presence, and our long standing collaboration with Aluminum Extruder companies, Architects and Coaters, and Decorators, we have a rich Gallery of References.

We are proud to present to you, some of our distinctive references!

9. How can we use powder coatings?

Powder coating, is one of the most succesfull ways to paint metal objects. However, we need a professional to do it.

Please identify, a specialized powder coating shop. The powder coating shops, will provide you with useful advice concerning the selection of the right color, the right texture and Gloss Level for the right application