Domestic Appliances/Furniture/Automotive

Domestic Appliances

We offer a complete range of epoxy polyester powder coatings especially designed for indoor applications such as home appliances, offering the options for a distinctive look, unique design functionality and durability in classic and trendy colors.

Main Applications: Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Ventilation, Ovens, Radiators, Air Conditioning.


Everyone wants furniture with aesthetics, unique design, functionality, and durability!

Now a furniture can have a distinctive color and beautiful finishing, thus creating comfort and style.

Moreover we need some major durability characteristics, such as, scratch resistance, corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

NEOKEM is fully serving this important segment by providing environmentally friendly solutions with the above characteristics, with a wide range of powder coatings in classic and trendy colors.

Main Applications: Office furniture, office accessories, garden furniture, hospital furniture, lab devices.


The automotive industry is gradually adopting powder coatings for technical, environmental and economic reasons.

Powder coated surface are more resistant to chipping, scratching and wearing.

Powder coatings offer the elimination of VOC, and the reduction of Waste.

Whenever we need aesthetics and extra protection and durability, the powder coating is the preferred solution.

The main applications include wheels, radiators, exhaust systems, shock absorbers, bumpers, oil filters, handles, roof racks, toolboxes, exterior and interior decoration, trims, and battery boxes.

NEOKEM is offering a wide selection of Powder Coatings, which delivers solutions to this important segment.

The range of powder coatings includes a variety of Colors, Gloss Levels, Textures, and Metallics and Hammer Tones.